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Danmark, 1915
Internee letter sent from POW machinest Wende aboard the Zeppelin L-4 that crashed near the lighthouse at Blåvands Huk NW of Esbjerg on February 17th 1915, same day L-3 crashed on the Island of Fanø. The crew was interned near Odense, and letters from these internees are quite scarce and desired among Zeppelin collectors.
EUR 500,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1898, 11y
Letter franked with 10 cents bicoloured inverted frame VII printing from Christiansted to Copenhagen December 19, 1898 tied by Christiansted cds. 10 cents UPU rate. St. Thomas transit and Copenhagen arrival mark on reverse. A fine cover.
EUR 200,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1896, 5
2 Cents envelope wm III with additional 1 cent bicoloured VIII printing from Frederiksted to Bassin September 23, 1896 tied by Frederiksted cds and Christiansted arrival mark on reverse. Local rate 3 cents, unusual item.
EUR 350,00
Danmark, 1922
Air Mail service erected due to frozen waters. Letter sent from Holte to Struer 10 February 1922 bearing two 20 øre Christian X issue, paying 20 øre letter rate and 20 øre Air Mail charge. The plane flew between Aarhus-Samsø and Kalundborg. The Air Force established a tent camp at Gisseløre near Kalundborg and an “Airport” was made directly on the ice.
EUR 550,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1894, 10
Letter from St. Thomas to Assens January 9, 1894 franked with a pair of 5 cents bicoloured VI printing to make up the 10 cents UPU rate. Possible earliest reported use of VI printing.
EUR 350,00
Danmark, 1865
Letter sent from Copenhagen to Præstø 5 April 1865 bearing a 4 sk. 1864-issue III printing tied by numeral “1” alongside “KIØBENHAVN KB 5/4” CDS. The stamp is illegally affixed in the lower left corner. In order to avoid the postal clerk to “earn an extra 2 sk.” in case the letter was endorsed by a “franco” marking and had received the 6 sk. in cash, the regulations stipulated a full charge of 6 sk., and at this time the stamps attached were detracted from the charge, thus 2 sk. due by the addressee marked in red crayon with a “2”.
EUR 600,00
Danmark, 1873, 18
Transatlantic letter from Copenhagen to Baltimore Maryland August 25, 1873 and then forwarded poste restante to Vienna in Austria. Transit marks New York, Baltimore and Vienna. Boxed “Via Tydskland”. Despite some small perforation faults, this is a very unusual transatlantic letter.
EUR 500,00
Danmark, 1872, 16, 18
Postal 4 sk. stationery envelope sent from Copenhagen to Brussels 22 June 1872, additional franked with 2 sk. and two 4 sk. bicoloured issues, the 4 sk. originally attached as separated to the envelope. Rare usage to Belgium, besides it's also sent to the legendary Belgian Stamp dealer “J. B. Moens”
EUR 1.400,00
Danmark, 1864
Soldier's letter sent from Lysabild, Als to Korsør 16 March 1864 and inside dated 10 March 1864. Stamped “FELTPOST NO. 1 P1 16/3” and charged “6” sk. in red crayon.
EUR 300,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1914
Registered letter from St. Thomas to Copenhagen franked with 1 Fr. Harbour View issue with additional franking of 5 and 20 BIT King Frederik VIII issue. Rare letter.
EUR 1.000,00
Danmark, 1920
Copenhagen Circulaire Expedition 2 øre green on Copenhagen Postcard.
EUR 150,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1862
Letter sent from Friedrichstadt to Copenhagen and then re-directed to Stettin 13 May 1862. For the forwarding the Danish share marked in red crayon 1 1/4 Sch. C and due 4 1/4 in blue ink for the Mecklenburg by the addressee. Unusual letter.
EUR 800,00
Island, 1939, tj 43
PRINTED MATTER Official letter from Reykjavik to Vík í Myrdal April 9, 1941 franked with a single overprinted Pjónusta 10 aur King Christian X issue. Rate 10 aur for printed matters weighing up to 50 grams. Rare
EUR 350,00
Island, 1873, 4B
16 sk. yellow perf 12 1/2 corner block of four with full margin. Fine centering, unused.
EUR 350,00
Danmark, 1888
Danish City Post. Commercial letter from ”Magasin Français” with cash franco 3 øre mark.
EUR 300,00
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